5/12 Code Review


OHAI-563 - Solaris2 platform_family is getting set to "null"
OHAI-578 - Ohai should expose mdadm raid information on Linux systems
CHEF-5270 - version of chef-client included with latest omnibus chef
for windows is incapable of downloading binary files correctly
CHEF-5269 - would be nice if .gitignore included .ruby-version and
.ruby-gemset ruby environment files.
OHAI-431 - There is no memory information for Mac OS X
CHEF-5247 - setting user passwords on solaris is broken again

CHEF-5158 - knife[:attribute] in knife.rb should not override
–attribute in the command line
Reviewed - btm still needs to manually verify :frowning:
CHEF-2913 - Provide tracing of attribute changes at runtime
Reviewed - Client team discussed, major refactor not possible now
CHEF-5281 - When using a LWRP with ‘use_inline_resources’, there is
no way to retrieve a list of all executed/converged resources
Reviewed - Paging Dan Deleo
CHEF-5282 - Add verify_api_cert & ssl_verify_mode options to knife
bootstrap core.
Reopened - might want the ability to copy certs first, check mixlib options
CHEF-4028 - log resource always considered a resource update
Reopened - Still waiting for a response on the PR
OHAI-541 - Ohai fails to collect ec2 metadata if one of the
resources returns a 404
Reopened - On 404, return no metadata for that attribute

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