5/16 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4015 - suse group provider is broken on openSUSE 12.3 with shadow utils
CHEF-4196 - chef-shell & chef-apply aren’t deleted by postinst & postrm scripts
COOK-2828 - Rabbitmq Clustering doesn’t work properly
COOK-2995 - server.rb is missing a platform_family comparison value
COOK-2750 - using mod_rails in run_list by itself fails in version 2.0.0
COOK-2932 - ufw providers work on debian but cannot be used
COOK-2370 - add MVC2, escape application_pool and add options for recycling
COOK-2847 - Java cookbook does not have opensuse support
COOK-2607 - chef-client cookbook helper fails
COOK-2158 - apt-get update is run twice at compile time
COOK-2571 - Create helper library for pg extension detection

CHEF-4082 - When the file / template has a hardcoded path defined (either set via node attribute or hard coded as in the example), the notifies parameter does not work.
Reviewed - In play internally at Opscode in file provider refactor
CHEF-4021 - Error in script in http://docs.opscode.com/knife_exec.html
Closed - Doc bug
CHEF-4154 - file provider support for configuring bool, policy, restorecon
Reviewed - In play internally at Opscode in file provider refactor
CHEF-3861 - Install fails on Arch Linux
Reviewed - Need to find someone to merge omnibus-software pull
CHEF-4160 - knife upload of cookbooks does not retry HTTP requests that return 502 or 504 error codes
Reopened - Going to fix CHEF-3066 instead
CHEF-4184 - Support ISC license for knife cookbook create
Wontfix - ISC doesn’t look popular enough for inclusion
CHEF-3838 - RabbitMQ does not start on Oracle or Amazon Linux
Reviewed - Need to pull in the omnbius changes at Opscode
CHEF-4193 - enable roles in subdirectories for chef-solo
Reopened - Test if there are multiple roles of the same name
CHEF-4110 - ruby_blocks should support why_run
Reviewed - Need to understand use cases further
CHEF-672 - Cookbook libraries do not sync subdirectories
Reviewed - Needs tests
COOK-2907 - update Java cookbook’s .kitchen.yml to use new bento boxes
Closed - Fixed
COOK-2930 - action :put doesn’t care of has_binaries
Reopened - Needs a rebase
COOK-2837 - Variable table_cache not recognized MySQL cookbook (MySQL 5.6+)
Reopened - table_cache is now table_open_cache
COOK-2846 - ActiveMQ cookbook does not have support for opensuse
Reopened - Why remove the link resources
COOK-2767 - apt cookbook repository LWRP isn’t idempotent
Reopened - Look at use_inline_resources

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