5/17 Opscode Chef Bug Triage


We currently have 55 resolved and untriaged tickets remaining [1].
When we’ve caught up on these, our triage process will continue
triaging resolved tickets on an ongoing basis but will also triage new
open tickets. I encourage everyone to follow the RSS feeds for Chef
[2] and Ohai [3] activity to chime in on changes, particularly helping
to reproduce and verify new bugs.

We’re working on what ticket data is valuable to us and to the
community, as well as what doesn’t require pulling teeth to get it out
of JIRA. If there’s something you’d like to hear about on a regular
basis, drop me an email and let me know so we can discuss it. The Chef
[4] and Ohai [5] project sites on JIRA provide a 30-day summary of
created and resolved tickets, and we have and can keep producing
charts over a longer period [6].

CHEF-1686 - cookbook_file on Windows does not inherit DACLs

  • reopened, discussed, further discussion needed, emailed -dev

CHEF-1714 - knife text format should dump lists in plain text

  • closed, was fixed by new text formatter

CHEF-1721 - features test in chef break if you have a Checksum
document in your couch store

  • reopened, uncertain if this is still applicable.

CHEF-1729 - Add bootstrap scripts for installing Ruby Enterprise
Edition as default

  • changed to: Create a bootstrap template for REE for new
    knife-bootstrap-template framework
  • reopened, we need to limit the growth of bootstrap templates in
    core chef and will be creating a separate gem for these.

CHEF-1734 - add region support for knife_ec2_image_list.rb

  • wontfix, we don’t want ‘knife ec2 image list’ in knife.

CHEF-1738 - README.rdoc: white space, trailing newline

  • wontfix, as we are deprecating the rake tasks in CHEF-2353

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[1] project = “CHEF” and status = “resolved” and “triage status” is empty
[2] http://tickets.opscode.com/plugins/servlet/streams?key=CHEF
[3] http://tickets.opscode.com/plugins/servlet/streams?key=OHAI
[4] http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/CHEF
[5] http://tickets.opscode.com/browse/OHAI
[6] http://i.imgur.com/z19mi.png