5/17 Opscode Code Review


Google Hangouts was unreliable today, so we fell back on GotoMeeting. Best we could remember, we used Google Hangouts originally because Gotomeeting was unreliable, but considering it now it might also have been the lack of native support of the Gotomeeting application on some platforms. The new Google Hangouts feature that mutes people when they type has been troubling. In theory it’s great, but it’s hard to explain something and review code at the same time if you can’t type. So far, you can’t turn it off. So we’ll see what happens I suppose.

COOK-3010 - The trac recipe does not work on all operating systems
COOK-3012 - The trac recipe does not effectively disable the default site
COOK-2766 - pip does not use deploy_key in django ressource of application_python
COOK-2387 - Pitti Postgresql PPA is deprecated
COOK-2892 - Varnish restarts when vcl is updated instead of reloading
COOK-2908 - Argument error in logrotate_app definition
COOK-2501 - Reference to [‘postfix’][‘domain’] should be [‘postfix’][‘mydomain’]
COOK-2943 - Ant cookbook has foodcritic failures
COOK-2986 - pdns cookbook has foodcritic failures
COOK-2832 mysql grants.sql file has errors depending on attrs

COOK-3004 - Add path by default
Reopened - Why?
COOK-3005 - Remove blankline in template
Reopened - What’s happening?
COOK-2840 - Add PGDG Apt support and improve versions support for Debian/Ubuntu
Closed - Duplcate of COOK-2387
COOK-2881 - Munin client cannot be started because the log directory does not exist
Reopened - Directory not always owned by root

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