5/21 Opscode Ticket Triage


Whoo. ChefConf was great, it’s humbling how many smart and friendly
people use Chef. If you didn’t make it, watch for some of the videos
popping up on the Opscode Youtube channel.

Ohai 0.6.14.rc.1 is still floating around out there, give it a shot if
you haven’t already.

To merge:
CHEF-1735 - FreeBSD service provider cannot determine rc variable
name properly
CHEF-2739 - knife exec search configurable directories
CHEF-3085 - Make knife ssh cssh platform agnostic
CHEF-3045 - Chef errors out with 403 when retrieving cookbook_file,
template resources on a very long Chef run

CHEF-2410 - value_for_platform should support semantic version constraints
Reopened - Don’t break flexibility of platform_version
CHEF-2731 - knife cookbook install should have an option to use current branch
Reopened - Add a test
CHEF-3092 - knife cookbook upload -a should batch uploads
Reopened - Tests are failing

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