5/22 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4199 - usermod for changing groups on SmartOS should use -G
CHEF-4201 - user locking/unlocking on SmartOS
CHEF-4040 - Environment existing settings are not displayed correctly when editing environments or nodes via the WebUI

CHEF-4200 - When uid is sent into user provider as a string, chef should not update user on each chef run
Reopened - Cooerce to a string instead of an integer
CHEF-1198 - There are no cucumber features for the WebUI
Wontfix - Not planning on new work for the webui
CHEF-1088 - chef-server, chef-server-api, and chef-server-webui do not load /etc/chef/server.rb if run as a Rack app without their wrapper script.
Wontfix - See erchef
CHEF-691 - Columns on the status page should be sortable
Wontfix - Webui is cruft
CHEF-770 - The node :show page should create links in the run list
Wontfix - Webui is cruft
CHEF-3224 - Support Google Federated login in OpenID interface
Wontfix - OpenID is dead
CHEF-2743 - knife bootstrap doesn’t have a working template for hardy (pull request incl)
Wontfix - Hardy is EOL

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