5/23 Opscode Code Review


We’re planning to change Chef::FileCache to write files 0640 instead
of 0644 (CHEF-3134) so it will secure all of the cache. Comments

Clients currently aren’t able to delete themselves, which is a useful
feature for auto-un-scaling. CHEF-3117 aims to add this permissions.
More comments welcome.

I’ve heard a hint of a regression in Ohai 0.6.14 related to
platform_version detection on debian but I haven’t seen a bug yet.

Also we’re planning on changing (fixing) the versioning scheme for
Chef and Ohai soon. Chef 0.10.x will become 10.x.y, and Ohai 0.6.x
will become 6.x.y. This is in service of being able to ship patch
releases for regressions with a major release effort.

To Merge:
CHEF-3103 - Typo in long form option
CHEF-3106 - cache_options puts checksum files into etc, instead of var
CHEF-3116 - Use FreeBSD service provider on NetBSD
CHEF-3117 - Clients should be able to delete themselves regardless
of whether they are admin
CHEF-3130 - Add filtering and sorting options to knife status
CHEF-3134 - Permissions to open for failed-run-data.json
COOK-857 - Unicorn not quoting listener ports/sockets
COOK-1297 - Unicorn sub-resource LWRP should allow string values for
the ‘port’ attribute
COOK-1016 - python package needs separate names for centos/rhel 5.x vs 6.x
COOK-1113 - Remove unnecessary use of “mysql COMMAND” from
service[mysql] on <= lucid
COOK-852 - dmg cookbook can target type "pkg"
COOK-1205 - Add NGINX support to munin
COOK-1206 - Add NGINX support to nagios
COOK-1149 - build-essential should support OSX
COOK-1152 - Add support for OSX in Git Cookbook

CHEF-3101 - Use group {add,info,mod,del} and user {add,info,mod,del}
on NetBSD for group provider
Reopened - Add tests, use shellout
CHEF-3115 - On NetBSD, create an eponymous group when creating users
Reopened - Will NetBSD admins be shocked and surprise if we create
groups for them?
CHEF-3104 - Adds fork support for chef runs
Reopened - clean up fork and tests
COOK-1185 - Update Jira recipe to 5.x version
Reviewed - Backward compatibility concerns
COOK-1047 - Option to include system site-packages in python virtualenv
Reviewed - Vague questions

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