5/29 Opscode Code Review


Some big new features coming along in CHEF-3781, CHEF-3949, and CHEF-4220. Exciting!

CHEF-3781 - Add knife deps and knife-essentials changes from 1.0.0
CHEF-4220 - Define helper functions on template resource
CHEF-4200 - When uid is sent into user provider as a string, chef should not update user on each chef run
COOK-3015 - Yum cookbook test minitest to fail
COOK-2738 - move nginx::passenger attributes to nginx/attributes/passenger.rb

CHEF-4082 - When the file / template has a hardcoded path defined (either set via node attribute or hard coded as in the example), the notifies parameter does not work.
Reopened - Internal ticket exists to create a regression test as part of the file provider refactor.
CHEF-4154 - file provider support for configuring bool, policy, restorecon
Resolved - The file provider refactor adds basic SELinux support. We need to start over testing there for any additional use cases.
COOK-2845 - ActiveMQ does not start due to misconfigured wrapper.conf
Reopened - Don’t blindly remove the wrapper.conf template
COOK-3030 - The repo_source attribute should allow you to not add any additional repositories to your node
Reopened - switch to not adding a repo by default in the recipe, since we pick a repo by default in the attributes.
COOK-3014 - Nagios cookbook imports data bag users even if they have action:remove
Reopened - AND NOT, not just NOT.
COOK-847 - openssl cookbook should have an LWRP+library for generating self-signed certificates
Reopened - set required attributes as required, comon_name typo.

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