5/30 Opscode Ticket Triage


Ohai 6.14.0 shipped today. Announcements are coming momentarily.

We expect the Chef 10.12.0.rc.1 tomorrow, along with new ruby-omnibus builds.

To merge:
CHEF-3101 - Use group {add,info,mod,del} and user {add,info,mod,del}
on NetBSD for group provider
CHEF-3136 - Debian init.d prevents the use of a custom Chef logger
CHEF-3143 - gem_package under omnibus not properly detecting path or
setting gem_binary
CHEF-3153 - securable_spec uses load to reset configuration,
breaking rake spec
OHAI-355 - network address selection improvements
COOK-1224 - postgresql cookbook cannot work on Debian: undefined variable
COOK-1217 - Allow user to specify version of RabbitMQ to be
installed by rabbitmq cookbook for “redhat”, “centos”, “amazon”, etc.
COOK-1216 - Support Amazon Linux in rabbitmq cookbook
COOK-1221 - Convert node attribute accessors from symbols to strings
COOK-1222 - Add support for pulling the “latest” version of
WordPress without having to specifiy an exact version number.
COOK-1225 - Nagios cookbook has several inconstencies
COOK-1232 - add xslt to xml cookbook
COOK-1229 - Allow cacher IP to be set manually in non-Chef Solo environments
COOK-1238 - Perl cookbook fails on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise)
COOK-1254 - Chef-client service silently fails to start on Ubuntu
12.04 with ruby 1.9.3
COOK-1259 - Support local (10.x, 172.x, 192.168.x) reverse lookups in cache
COOK-1260 - java cookbook fails on ubuntu precise 64-bit with openjdk 7
COOK-1262 - yum::epel should enable the existing repo on Amazon Linux

CHEF-2410 - value_for_platform should support semantic version constraints
Reviewed - Add compatibility layer for non-semver versions
CHEF-3115 - On NetBSD, create an eponymous group when creating users
Reviewed - Need to design a solution for overriding resources
CHEF-3095 - mixlib-authentication fails to sign requests for very
long host / user names
Reviewed - Need to implement protocol negotiation via headers
OHAI-366 - Fix for older linux kernels and blocking read of /proc/*
files in virtualization plugin
Reopened - Need a solution that does not use Newrelic’s code
COOK-1228 - database resource should be able to execute scripts on disk
Reopened - Why set ::Mysql::OPTION_MULTI_STATEMENTS_ON?
COOK-1236 - Move mysql::client package_names into attr so percona
cookbook can free-ride
Reopened - Fix confusing attribute pluralities and provide backward
COOK-1240 - java::openjdk doesn’t use correct arch on ubuntu 12.04
Reopened - Please don’t nest ternary operators
COOK-1264 - Apt doesn’t update a sources.list.d/*
Reviewed - We’re not sure if the notifications here will work.
COOK-1237 - Mysql cookbook downloads windows cookbook which causes
issues on other systems
Reviewed - Do we still need ruby_19_patches.rb?

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