5/5 Code Review


OHAI-575 - Ohai doesn’t detect all KVM processor types as KVM on FreeBSD
OHAI-568 - Improve CPU information gathered on FreeBSD
OHAI-572 - Warning messages about previously defined constants
OHAI-570 - add exherbo linux support

CHEF-5236 - add paludis package manager used in gentoo/exherbo linux
Reopened - Use shellout
OHAI-573 - OpenVZ and virtualbox virtualization detected as lxc host
Reopened - Need to find a solution that better than ordering for the
OHAI-551 regression
CHEF-5179 - GetNamedSecurityInfo returns an error code which should be raised
Reopened - Still needs a functional test
CHEF-5251 - knife windows rm bootstrap fails with confusing error
message on corrupted validator key
Reopened - No fix
CHEF-5147 - knife cookbook upload checks for dependency even when
depends flag is set to false
Wontfix - You want CHEF-3317, not this.
CHEF-5247 - setting user passwords on solaris is broken again
Reviewed - Needs a test still

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