5/6 Opscode Code Review


Ohai Chefs,

Code review notes are below. Also, if you weren’t able to make
ChefConf, the talks are currently up on YouTube:




  • To Merge
  • CHEF-4070 Support DataBag.list on chef-solo

  • CHEF-4130 knife * edit presents a .js file not a .json file

  • CHEF-4135 Malformed arguments to notifies fail without a helpful

  • CHEF-3975 Searching for compound attributes in data bags will not
    yield results

  • CHEF-4088 sorting the knife commands is done, but would be cool if
    you also sort the sub commands…

  • CHEF-3976 chef_objects rejects “provides ‘service[foo]’” in metadata

  • Reopen
  • Other
  • CHEF-4110 ruby_blocks should support why_run
    Conversation on this one ran long. We aren’t sure as to whether or
    not we should expose this to users.

Steven Danna
Systems Engineer, Opscode, Inc
GPG Key: http://stevendanna.github.com/downloads/code/public.key