5/7 Code Review


CHEF-4224 - tracing? is broken when shell first starts up
CHEF-4423 - Chef Synchronization of Cookbook Slow
CHEF-5273 - rpm_package upgrade does not install if package is missing
CHEF-5276 - Ubuntu 13.10+ should use Upstart service provider

CHEF-5098 - ResourceFailureInspector can leak sensitive data to logs
on failures
Reviewed - Still waiting for a change, needs a rebase.
OHAI-531 - Regex for getting data from arp -na output is incorrect on Solaris2
Reopened - Needs a unit test
CHEF-5168 - Apt Package provider times out if a package takes >10
minutes to install
Reopened - Six hours is a long time.
CHEF-5270 - version of chef-client included with latest omnibus chef
for windows is incapable of downloading binary files correctly
Reviewed - rest-client 1.7.0 requires mime-types 2.0 which may break ohai
CHEF-5247 - setting user passwords on solaris is broken again
Reopened - needs a unit test
OHAI-573 - OpenVZ and virtualbox virtualization detected as lxc host
Reviewed - need to fix this :frowning:
CHEF-5261 - Some knife calls generate non-RFC compliant URLs
Reopened - 1.8.7 failure

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