6/1 0.10.2 to-fix list


We’re still focusing on fixing remaining issues headed toward another
release on the 0.10 train. The tickets I mentioned in a previous email
is what has filtered to the top of the pile.

Here are the tickets, description and some notes for those of you who
would like to help out.

knife client bulk delete not consistent with node delete

Anthony Goddard has provided a patch to this. Thanks Ant!

knife cookbook site vendor fails on windows with ShellCommandFailed


We’re not sure about this one. Someone interested in Ruby on windows
should take a look. Probably of medium difficulty as you’ll need to
familiarize yourself with shellout.

chef-client failed when trying to install freebsd package from ports


Since ports installs from source, and install can take a while,
particularly when compiling multiple dependencies. Shellout has
support for increasing the timeout so it should be easy for someone to
dig in here to find the correct value.

Cookbook uploading does not honor proxy settings


For an easier task, it would be good if someone could reproduce the
problem and work out the workaround. Beside that, there is proxy
support in knife, it’s a matter of figuring out why it isn’t working

Unable to install gem from local file


I would guess that support for installing from a file was never a
considered use case, and it happens to work because you can pass a gem
file and a gem name to ‘gem install’ in the same fashion. However,
somewhere there is a command that checks if the gem is installed and
it probably isn’t expecting a path. We should detect which is the case
and act accordingly.

net-ssh-multi dependancy it too restrictive


The fix for this is a simple change to the gem constraints, but we
need to test net-ssh-multi 1.1 a bit before we do so. This would be
easy for someone with some existing ssh use cases and nodes.

chef-solr jetty listening on all interfaces


We have a few ideas on how to resolve this. It appears that Jetty will
read from the JETTY_HOST environment variable, which we could pass
pretty easily. This should be just the default and we should still
allow the user to configure this option if they don’t want to be bound
to localhost for some reason.

Upstart provider fails restart action if service is not started yet


The start/stop/restart methods for the upstart provider should check
the current state and act accordingly, since upstart changed some
assumptions we’ve grown to have from years of sysvinit use.

apt package provider should be able to detect and install ‘virtual’ packages


There is already a fix here, but we should go and check that the
choice of which package is installed to fulfill a virtual package
installation is sane.

The cookbook shadowing feature should either be officially

deprecated or well documented with a commitment to support it

Turns out Dan fixed this one in his sleep.

knife or the chef-server ui to warn of cookbook download failure

rather than silently fall back to previous version

This is a bit complicated and is related to CHEF-2325. What we have in
mind is making sure that dependencies are available when you upload a
cookbook. So if you upload a cookbook and it depends on another, we’ll
use the API to check the cookbook list to see if it is there and warn
if it isn’t. We’ll also make sure that a version exists on the server
that matches the constraint in the cookbook. We can’t check deeper
than a single level without asking dep_selector for more information,
which we discuss in CHEF-2325.

knife bootstrap throws optparse error for -E when bootstrapping less

than 0.10.0

There’s a fix for this in CHEF-2375, except that it checks to see if
you’re on 0.10 or not and we’ve decided that it’d be better to check
if you’re on 0.9 so it will work with 0.11 when that day comes. Seth
Chisamore promised to work on this.

knife help can’t find its man pages outside of a gem file heiarchy


‘knife help’ is now dependent on its man pages which aren’t in a FHS
compliant directory. Consequently ‘knife help’ doesn’t work so well on
debian systems when installed from packages. It’s pretty easy to add
the additional path, however ‘knife help list’ just globs a directory
in the gem which won’t work if that directory contains additional man
pages. We’ll need to figure how what, if anything right now, we want
to do so ‘knife help list’ can know what man pages are available. We
were thinking about modifying the documentation compilation scripts to
generate a file that knife reads.

move distro files from chef to respective gems


Currently all of the init scripts exist in the chef gem. We should
move them to their respective gem, but we need to check the bootstrap
cookbooks like chef + chef-server and update them as well.

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