6/10 Opscode Code Review


No Chef code review, we had our monthly Opscode company meeting in that time slot.

COOK-3142 - Syntax Errors spec/default_spec.rb:4-8
COOK-3126 - Windows cookbook: windows_task should support the on start frequency
COOK-3127 - Windows cookbook: Support the force option on task create and delete
COOK-3137 - python_pip LWRP cannot have differnent name and package_name
COOK-2579 - application_nginx cookbook should accept “application_port” as string for unix sockets

COOK-2856 - Use attribute/data driven configuration for /etc/chef/client.rb
Reviewed - Joshua will update some docs and bits
COOK-2858 - support “inclusion” of other Chef Config files in client.rb
Reviewed - Joshua will update some docs and bits
COOK-3084 - virtualenv provider points to default (2.4) python when attempting to create environments on EL 5
Reopened - Not sure if this is settled yet
COOK-2789 - Postgresql should allow turning off the configuration
Reopened - is this a reasonable pattern?

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