6/12 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
CHEF-4259 - Unpacking recipes fails on SmartOS
CHEF-4022 - “knife cookbook download” of nonexistant cookbook throws NoMethodError
CHEF-3366 - zypper provider for package resource can block
KNIFE-285 - Error during windows bootstrapping
COOK-3144 - Wrong service name in samba cookbook

CHEF-4204 - Chef::Provider::User::Useradd doesn’t deal with apostrophes in users’ full names
Reopened - No pull request
CHEF-4248 - Expose timeout attribute on scm resource and associated providers
Reopened - Add a test on the deploy resource
KNIFE-284 - Unable to bootstrap windows node using ssh
Reopened - Needs a unit test
COOK-2761 - Add php-fpm+fcgiwrap to the Nagios cookbook
Reopened - Split the ticket, fcgiwrap cookbook isn’t on the community site.
COOK-2793 - Improved Windows support for Java Cookbook
Reopened - cleanup conditionals
COOK-3011 - Incorect Apt Source Test Causes Chef Run to Fail on Ubuntu
Reopened - Don’t need to test the package existence post-convergence
COOK-2930 - action :put doesn’t care of has_binaries
Reopened - Test? What?
COOK-2799 - Idempotency/ Notify is broken in maven LWRP
Reopened - snake case

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