6/13 Opscode Code Review


These are the code review notes from last week when I was out on
vacation. Just in case you thought we were sleeping on the job.

We expect to cut an RC of Chef 10.14 soon with whyrun support,
probably later today or Monday.

To merge:

CHEF-2731 - knife cookbook install should have an option to use current branch
CHEF-3186 - Separate UI from functionality in knife cookbook site download
CHEF-3177 - Knife-eucalyptus plugin needs fog version updated to 1.3
CHEF-630 - Deploy should create the directories it needs if they don’t exist
OHAI-357 - The amount of information returned in windows::kernelis
10 times all other data on the node
OHAI-381 - need to detect openstack-based clouds
OHAI-382 - Fix stderr redirection in Java plugin
KNIFE_EC2-45 - -G (security groups) do not work when running under VPC
KNIFE_EC2-58 - Knife ec2 should accept new json-attributes bootstrap param
KNIFE-WINDOWS-22 - Knife-windows Plugin Bootstrap Blowing Up Finding
"()" in System Path
KNIFE-RACKSPACE-19 -Can’t start servers on RackSpace UK
COOK-1228 - database resource should be able to execute scripts on disk
COOK-1264 - Apt doesn’t update a sources.list.d/*
COOK-1265 - Oracle Java should symlink the jar command
COOK-1175 - Add Mac OS X / homebrew support to MySQL cookbook
COOK-1271 - Wordpress cookbook generates new password on every chef run
COOK-1273 - Unicorn cookbook - add ability to specify before_exec block
COOK-1279 - [COOK-1129] introduces platform_version 5 bug for redhat
family platforms
COOK-1280 - Improve redhat family support on nginx::default, and fix
bug in ohai_plugins recipe
COOK-1283 - typo on apppppppppool (needed another p)
COOK-1284 - recipe for IIS application initialization
COOK-1285 - allow multiple host_header, port or protocol on IIS
COOK-1286 - Creation of the website doesn’t allow to directly set
wich app pool to use on IIS
COOK-1281 - add amazon linux to source recipes for nagios
COOK-1289 - MOAR attributes for mysql’s my.cnf
COOK-1304 - amazon linux to bluepill
COOK-1360 - typos in application, application_ruby readmes
COOK-1308 - return single value for matched database roles
COOK-1311 - add options attribute for virtualenv lwrp
COOK-1315 - default site enabled/disabled via an attribute (default setting)
COOK-1332 - application syntactic sugar
COOK-1333 - application lwrp documentation improvements from feedback
COOK-1345 - format IO types in chef-client before passing to template
COOK-1328 - cookbook tests for apache2
COOK-1340 - wix cookbook version and location update
COOK-1373 - mercurial readme correction


CHEF-3119 - knife eucalyptus - add the ability to pass in --user-data
Reopened - It doesn’t seem like we will want to do a blind rescue
here. If we can’t read the user data that seems like it should be a
fatal error. Also ask sethc why that was originally done.
CHEF-3183 - Consistency and expected behavior of resource notifications
Reviewed - We want to fix many other things at the same time, such
as retries via notifies and direct run_action calls also need to be
fixed, so we should just do it correctly.
CHEF-3092 - knife cookbook upload -a should batch uploads
Reviewed - Need to follow up with erchef about whether this will
break future implementation of sandboxes. Currently we don’t delete
the sandbox so this will work. Otherwise this is OK.
OHAI-332 - Tests fails when running under 1.9 and system Ruby is 1.8
(and vice-versa)
Reviewed - We’d prefer not to revert unless there is a clear picture
of what it is breaking and why this fix is the right way to fix it.
Left note.
COOK-1176 - OS X support for Maven
Reopened - Doesn’t rebase. Note left on pull request. (This was
subsequently fixed and is resolved again.)
Reopened - Case statement on case node[‘os’] to ensure we get OS X
server is supported. A single case statement for os setting. It may
be best to split this across different recipes CHEF-1367
OHAI Pull 77 - Fixed by OHAI-322
CHEF-3121 - Unable to create Chef::RunList::RunListItem from
NilClass:nil: must be a Hash or String
Duplicate - CHEF-3167
CHEF-3191 - Allow tmux conf file, CentOS support, Travis CI
Reviewed - Moved to COOK-1366
COOK-1011 - PostgreSQL and Apt Cookbooks Bad Interaction
Reviewed - Ping lamont about COOK-716
COOK-1237 - Mysql cookbook downloads windows cookbook which causes
issues on other systems
Reviewed - Follow up with Hosh.

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