6/14 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3165 - Typo in tomcat attributes/default.rb file for webapp_dir attribute on Debian/Ubuntu
COOK-2353 - Runit does not update run template if the service is already enabled
COOK-3067 - ark kitchen test for cherry_pick is expecting the binary to be in the same parent folder as in the archive.
COOK-3064 - only_if statements in ark’s install_with_make and configure actions are not testing for file existence correctly.
COOK-2924 - Yum should allow type setting in repo file

COOK-3091 - ohai::default recipe does not check whether Chef::Config[:config_file] is set, or whether the file exists
Reopened - Would be nice to clean up that conditional
COOK-3072 - ark cherry_pick action chowns the wrong path.
Reopened - Don’t rename the creates attribute
COOK-3066 - passenger unnecessarily installs ruby-1.8.7 package
Reopened - needs a rebase, clean up the unless packages.nil?

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