6/17 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4275 - Rubygems 2.0 heuristic is incorrect on some environments upgraded from rubygems 1.8
CHEF-4259 - Unpacking recipes fails on SmartOS
CHEF-4208 - Monkey Patch Dir.rb exception on windows
CHEF-4272 - “knife list” shows files that can’t be uploaded
OHAI-457 - from_with_regex issue with chomp!.strip


CHEF-955 - 11: Make git provider respond to a new repo URL
Reopened - Make the conditional more clear
OHAI-456 - linux/network assumes ip has the -d option, it’s not always true
Reopened - Use #each_line, use shellout
OHAI-428 - provide root_group attribute
Reopened - Document special SIDs, check test names for copy/paste errors

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