6/18 Code Review


Still working on how to differentiate all open pull requests from ones
that need review.

CHEF-5365 - chef-client in local mode crashes if the HOME
environment variable is undefined

CHEF-5356 - Encrypted data bags should use different HMAC key and
include the IV in the HMAC
Reviewed - Looked at the GCM implementation, needs to be fixed on 1.9.3
PR 1495 - guard_interpreter default change for powershell_script,
batch resources
Reviewed - Chef 12, rename default attribute?
PR 1492 - Run travis tests as sudo.
Reviewed - Not sure what the goal of this is
PR 1266 - Allow relative symlinks on Windows
Reviewed - relative path to what?
PR 1283 - Fix json_attribs and recipe_url load order.
Reviewed - Still needs a test
PR 1253 - Don’t reset cache when override_runlist is used in command-line
Reviewed - Does a dirty cache contaminate our run?

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