6/19 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-3029 - ifconfig provider for debian/ubuntu platforms
CHEF-972 - resource action should have higher precedence than only_if/not_if
CHEF-3521 - Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump
CHEF-4280 - Login form misaligned
CHEF-4271 - “–sudo-use-password” option for knife-bootstrap should escape passwords with ’ ’ to allow for special characters to be passed in via command line
KNIFE-284 - Unable to bootstrap windows node using ssh
COOK-3204 - Tomcat Users recipe has hard-coded path to tomcat-users.xml
COOK-3203 - Tomcat does not support “reload” on Ubuntu 12.04.
COOK-3182 - Do not hardcode rpmbuild location - could cause problems during OS init phase

CHEF-4201 - user locking/unlocking on SmartOS
Reopened - add a lock_user + lock_pass action set
CHEF-4292 - path_sanity does not affect Ohai
Reopened - moved from Ohai. PathSanity should fix this issue.
OHAI-431 - There is no memory information for Mac OS X
Reopened - don’t blindly rescue
COOK-2584 - Add client-side result cache to partial_search cookbook
Reviewed - Need to circle by Seth Falcon, but probably good
COOK-1705 - Unable to create new postgresql database
Reopened - Not sure what the bug is

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