6/21 Opscode Code Review


We’re getting all merged up for a release candidate next week to begin testing for the 11.6.0 release!

OHAI-445 - Detect ecdsa host key
OHAI-461 - Provide networks information on rackspace nodes
OHAI-466 - Detect rackspace via metadata
OHAI-419 - cloud.public_ipv4 attribute is not set for Windows Azure VM’s created using knife azure plugin.
COOK-2724 - create directory for pid file
COOK-3118 - template in ark provider fails due to cookbook attribute not set
COOK-3183 - Allow the nginx cookbook to include extra-cookbook modules
COOK-1651 - Add dateext ability to logrotate to enable date stamping of rotated files
COOK-2925 - chefspec coverage for nginx::default and nginx_site definitions

OHAI-458 - Include Joyent SmartOS specific attributes in Ohai
Reopened - Keep the non-specific attributes with the virtualization plugin
OHAI-165 - Ohai loads user accounts from LDAP directory
Reopened - Break into separate nss_via_etc and parse_etc_files plugins.
OHAI-454 - Ohai fails to read LSB information on RHEL 6.4
Reopened - Need tests, lots of tests. LSB is frail.
COOK-3167 - lvm_physical volume lwrp should follow symlinks for devices
Reopened - File.readlink does not follow symlinks
COOK-2705 - Add ability to change tcp_listen_options in config
Reopened - Where does tcp_listen_keepalive come from?
COOK-2562 - Make it easy to configure a primary and failover nagios server
Wont Fix - Use the solution that exists.
COOK-2906 - Powerdns geo backend support added
Wont Fix - Probably not popular enough of a feature.
COOK-2046 - Add RHEL support to thrift cookbook
Reviewed - Probably should move the thrift cookbook to the community.
COOK-2805 - Basic config attributes for management plugin
Reopened - Improve attribute namespace.

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