6/23 Chef Office Hours (Formerly Code Review)


We’re going to start calling these code reviews on Monday/Wednesday
office hours. You can come and ask questions about your PRs, how to
write tests, what are the safe ways to start a chainsaw (not drop
starting), etc. Whenever there are no questions, we’ll be looking
through PRs like we traditionally have. Hopefully we’ll be keeping up
on them asynchronously too.

CHEF-4859 - in web UI support rendering non-ascii characters in cookbook files
Openstack PR #113 / KNIFE-494 add options for secret and secret_file
to support encrypted data bags

CHEF-5356 - Encrypted data bags should use different HMAC key and
include the IV in the HMAC
Reviewed - Have we settled on GCM yet?
Ohai PR #215 / [OHAI-518] remove *.static.cloud-ips.com
Reviewed - Needs test updates. Should we even lookup reverse DNS?
Chef PR # 1532 - reload service only if it running, if not - start
Reviewed - Interesting. Sure? Needs a test update.

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