6/24 Opscode Code Review


OHAI-339 - platform “suse” confuses openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise
OHAI-126 - ohai -d option parsing bug?
COOK-3225 - Call use_inline_resources only if defined
COOK-3052 - Long GPG keys are downloaded on every run
COOK-1856 - apt cookbook should match keys without case sensitivity
COOK-3134 - MySQL recipe won’t run with chef11
COOK-3113 - ssh_known_hosts cookbook fails with "can’t convert NilClass to String"
COOK-3136 - nagios::client_source doesn’t run under Gentoo
COOK-2799 - Idempotency/ Notify is broken in maven LWRP
COOK-2968 - nginx cookbook has foodcritic failure
COOK-2990 - listen, maxconn, user is not included in the runit service through memcached_instance
COOK-3191 - Ark: unzip commands fail silenly

OHAI-470 - Add getconf plugin
Reopened - What info is useful? Expand the test data.
OHAI-472 - XenServer is recognized correctly using LSB, but is not assigned to a platform_family.
Reopened - Enterpriseenterprise is legit. Add a test. Errant leading space in string.
OHAI-479 - virtualization: prefer virtualbox-guest over vserver-host when both present
Duplicate - Closed as a dupe of OHAI-182, which we reopened.
OHAI-478 - Cannot populate network on gentoo
Reopened - Need to clean up these regexs.
OHAI-480 - Ohai should look at “local” table for v6 routes
Reopened - Needs tests
COOK-2921 - issue preventing the use of mydomain in main.cf
Duplicate - COOK-2501
COOK-3134 - MySQL recipe won’t run with chef11
Reopened - Don’t update changelog and version
COOK-3036 - Rabbitmq rpm install fails when used in conjuction with Erlang’s ESL rpm repo
Reopened - Would prefer not to vendor RPMs

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