6/26 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4200 - When uid is sent into user provider as a string, chef should not update user on each chef run
CHEF-4298 - dependencies in metadata.rb require a space
COOK-3234 - Templates can’t be updated after service is enabled the first time
COOK-3055 - ark helper functions in libraries/default.rb should be contained in a module
COOK-3227 - [chef_client][log_file] attribute misnamed
COOK-3134 - MySQL recipe won’t run with chef11
COOK-2318 - Redundant if block around node.mysql.tunable.log_bin
COOK-2931 - Adding support for the platform ‘xenserver’ (for installations of java in DOM0)
COOK-2873 - rsync recipe does not allow setting value to false in rsyncd.conf
COOK-2874 - rsync init script does not support chkconfig
COOK-3156 - mysql grants file fails when remote_root_acl specified
COOK-3145 - Move yum::epel to using correct key_url in yum_key resource
COOK-3178 - Order of git install on FreeBSD must happen after ports install/extract
COOK-3098 - Notifying a supervisor resource to restart after it has been enabled does not work as expected
COOK-3054 - ark resource will always notify resources
COOK-3215 - “users_manage” resource requires group_id when it shouldn’t
COOK-3219 - Application_ruby cookbook bundle install in 1.9.3-based omnibus installs 1.9.x gems into ruby 2.0 apps
COOK-3140 - Nagios cookbook imports databag users even if they don’t have an htpasswd value set

CHEF-2824 - “Mount” provider is not working on solaris.
Reopened - Still needs tests
CHEF-3609 - when bootstrapping, should generate no_proxy in /etc/chef/client.rb if no_proxy is configured in knife.rb
Reopened - Needs unit tests
CHEF-4066 - Attribute precedence needs to be consistent
Fixed - doc bug
CHEF-4302 - chef_gem docs have refs to gem_package from copy/paste
Fixed - doc bug
CHEF-4109 - Lock action on user resource doesn’t completely lock an account
Fixed - looks good, needs a rebase
CHEF-581 - Delayed scripts don’t run on failure
Closed - A way to control this would be more appropriate to as a finer grained solution
COOK-3140 - Nagios cookbook imports databag users even if they don’t have an htpasswd value set
Reopened - Can we clean up that conditional?
COOK-2384 - Add haproxy LWRP for multiple haproxy sites/configs
Reopened - Tests?
COOK-2870 - Sorting in openssh sshd_config.erb template breaks match block
Reopened - Sort keeps the template from being rewritten
COOK-3187 - runit::default fails when runit rpm isn’t already installed
Duplicate - COOK-3182

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