6/28 Opscode Code Review


To merge:
COOK-3173 - Send :reload to service[postgresql] on postgresql.conf changes
COOK-2378 - php_pear does not work for libevent
COOK-2348 - lvm logical_volume doesn’t work with mount_point parameter as String
COOK-3098 - Notifying a supervisor resource to restart after it has been enabled does not work as expected
COOK-2939 - Setting [‘postgresql’][‘dir’] in redhat causes failure
COOK-2891 - Nagios: Improve RHEL 5 detection in Nagios cookbook to catch all versions

COOK-3224 - munin::client crashes in template with "comparison of Chef::Node with Chef::Node failed"
Reopened - Sort in the cookbook not in the template.
COOK-2801 - Fix the UID/GID of mysql user by attribute
Commented - Can’t set a UID and ignore the case of existing files
COOK-3149 - my.cnf should be created before install
Reopened - create system groups, carefully.

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