6/3 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4146 - Update Reporting Client Protocol
CHEF-4076 - knife node run list set [list of roles/recipes]
CHEF-3521 - Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump
CHEF-972 - resource action should have higher precedence than only_if/not_if
CHEF-3781 - Add knife deps and knife-essentials changes from 1.0.0
CHEF-4225 - Bump windows ruby version to p429 in omnibus-chef
COOK-3031 - ruby_block to create logical volume is improperly named, causing collisions
COOK-3050 - lib_dir declared in wrong place for redhat
COOK-3078 - rabbitmq password is not quoted or escaped on add_user
COOK-3079 - rabbitmq permissions check doesn’t match, resulting in non-idempotency

CHEF-4215 - Knife breaks inheritance with self.inherited
Reopened - Make the test more specific
MIXLIB-14 - Allow Mixlib::CLI options to be inherited
Reopened - More tests, can this be made simpler?
CHEF-3861 - Install fails on Arch Linux
Reviewed - Stop breaking everything glibc, stop.
COOK-3100 - lvm cookbook should ignore exit code 5 from vgcreate on centos 5.9
Reopened - Exit code 5 appears to mean more than one thing
COOK-3075 - fix SUSE support
Reopened - use #platform?, keep managing directories
COOK-2926 - php cookbook: fix pear package detection when installing specific version
Reopened - Find a solution that doesn’t cause a regression in COOK-2514
COOK-3084 - virtualenv provider points to default (2.4) python when attempting to create environments on EL 5
Reopened - Noah?

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