6/4 Opscode Code Review


We’re busy poking on the CI infrastructure for the Omnibus builds
today. Have you tried 10.12.0.rc.1 yet? Testers are the best, er,
besters! =D We plan to have it out this week.

Here’s a bit of review for your Monday:

To merge:
CHEF-3167 - Run list override causes empty run list to be saved

CHEF-2760 - Knife is unable to search for attributes with forward slashes
Reopened: Add a test please
CHEF-3104 - Adds fork support for chef runs
Reviewed: Why pass the node object back to the parent and into its memory?
KNIFE_EC2-45 - -G (security groups) do not work when running under VPC
Reopened - Why is it mandatory to specify security group ids?

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