6/5 Opscode Code Review


OHAI-279 - Add a cpu plugin for darwin
OHAI-425 - Ohai discovery on hp cloud fails (using the openstack plugin)
OHAI-433 - change log level info to debug at network plugin.
OHAI-426 - IP address not detected for vserver guest
COOK-3030 - The repo_source attribute should allow you to not add any additional repositories to your node
COOK-3087 - Can’t use ark with chef < 11
COOK-3085 - Sql server configuration is incorrect when trying to install non-express version
COOK-3109 - fix apache lib_dir arch attribute regexp

OHAI-339 - platform “suse” confuses openSUSE and SUSE Linux Enterprise
Reviewed - This is a major breaking change
COOK-3084 - virtualenv provider points to default (2.4) python when attempting to create environments on EL 5
Reopened - Supposedly that’s how it is supposed to be
COOK-1808 - Add Support for Tomcat 7
Reopened - Use Chef 11 attribute patterns
COOK-2954 - PostgreSQL installation ignores version attribute on CentOS >= 6
Reopened - Still an issue?
COOK-3075 - fix SUSE support
Reopened - try not to change the pattern, tests would be great for the magic SuSE stuff
COOK-3116 - Postfix cookbook with a smartos.
Reopened - keep attributes logically together in the attributes file

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