6/7 Opscode Code Review


COOK-1808 - Add Support for Tomcat 7
COOK-3014 - Nagios cookbook imports data bag users even if they have action:remove
COOK-2821 - Chef-server re-download deb every run
COOK-2637 - Silence expected errors from which based chef-server checks
COOK-2102 - innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit value is incorrectly set based on CPU count
COOK-2919 - Status option not available
COOK-3013 - Runit install fails on rhel if converge is only partially successful
COOK-2826 - Allow Nagios cookbook to configure location of SSL files
COOK-3027 - Default site enable true, then false, does not disable default site
COOK-2360 - last commit to yum_repository changes previous behaviour

COOK-2929 - Ubuntu 12.04 support, TLS support, permission fixes, various other small fixes, support for non-standard services
Reopened - Remove the service_spec code, keep /var/log/messages
COOK-2988 - add option ‘cookbook’ in definition 'nagios_conf’
Reopened - What is the use case?
COOK-3036 - Rabbitmq rpm install fails when used in conjuction with Erlang’s ESL rpm repo
Reviewed - Sascha says to wait

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