7/1 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-3521 - Chef should set a timeout for yum-dump
CHEF-4320 - Logrotate problems with the Chef logs
CHEF-4125 - Omnibus installer support for Debian 7.0 Wheezy
COOK-3232 - iis_app resource :config action does not work when specifying a virtual path
COOK-2803 - Add attribute to bind erlang networking to localhost
COOK-2915 - Debian codename override
COOK-2928 - php - abstract php.ini directives to variables
COOK-2927 - nginx::http_realip_module - add support for real_ip_recursive directive
COOK-2998 - cpan module install speed improvement
COOK-2923 - add olddir option to logrotate
COOK-3250 - Add minsize to the logrotate cookbook
CHEF-3464 - Dead links

CHEF-3714 - Chef::Util::FileEdit should be protected instead of private
Reopened - Needs a unit test
CHEF-4318 - knife ssh doesn’t show node names upon failures
Reopened - Needs a unit test, does this work?
CHEF-4289 - IPS provider performs unnecessary upgrades
Reopened - Needs tests
CHEF-4322 - Implement a method in Chef::Util::FileEdit that returns if a file was edited
Duplicate - CHEF-3714
CHEF-4321 - Expand Chef-client to be able to handle Strings as RunList items
Reopened - Why? tests.
CHEF-1779 - changes to centos bootstrap .erb template
Wontfix - Use Omnibus
CHEF-1779: changes to centos bootstrap .erb template
Wontfix - Use Omnibus
CHEF-2601: CentOS 6 bootstrap template
Wontfix - Use Omnibus
CHEF-1849: knife bootstrap for Debian APT
Wontfix - Use Omnibus
CHEF-2369: pacman provider can not handle additional repositories
Duplicate - CHEF-2826
CHEF-2540 - == method in run_list gets confused when comparing a role to a string
Closed - Not reproducible
CHEF-2795 - Knife plugin loader rejects gems that contain ‘chef’ in the name
Duplicate - CHEF-3255
COOK-2065 - Do not download tarball when thrift has been already installed
Reopened - Support upgrading
COOK-2046 - Add RHEL support to thrift cookbook
Reopened - Update docs, maintain default package list
COOK-2934 - Add windows_feature support for 2 new DISM attributes: all, source
Reopened - Causes a regression in COOK-2899
COOK-2987 - Improved Windows support for Mysql Cookbook
Reopened - Don’t allow the default values to change.
COOK-3006 - add ngx_pagespeed module
Wontfix - Make this as a separate cookbook
CHEF-2907 - Download cookbook from S3 (pull request)
Wontfix - No response for over a year, no interest in feature
CHEF-2835 - Chef does not honor custom gem options set in system-wide gemrc
Wontfix - No response for over a year, no interest in feature

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