7/10 Opscode Code Review


We’re going to have our first dedicated weekly Knife plugin code review today (7/11) at Noon pacific. It should run like the others, except some Opscode folks have been putting in some asynchronous time pre-reviewing contributions


CHEF-4350 - knife cookbook site share broken on 11.6.0
CHEF-4344 - Fix typo in spec
CHEF-4356 - Add Platform Support for "opensuse"
COOK-3024 - build essential on SmartOS should use newer package with built-in package provider
COOK-3253 - Enable repeated message reduction configuration via override parameters
COOK-3073 - make access.log location configurable per-platform
COOK-3074 - don’t hardcode the error.log location in the default site config
COOK-3061 - Cleanup case platform

CHEF-4051 - Add a clean option for the Git SCM provider to execute git clean -f
Reopened - Still waiting for a reply
CHEF-3970 - Allow json_class key for passed in json_attributes
Wontfix - json_class is deprecated
CHEF-3953 - ImmutableMash and ImmutableArray should implement to_hash and to_a respectively
Reopened - Still waiting for a reply
CHEF-3958 - Allow use of templates/ dir with remote_directory
Reopened - Needs a rebase and redesign
CHEF-3910 - adding user_password option for "knife configure -i"
Reopened - Needs a regression test
CHEF-3842 - Incorrect platform provider map used when platform version number contains three parts
Duplicate - Fixed by CHEF-3919 in Chef 11
CHEF-2861 - Deploy Provider’s migration command should display output on failure
Reopened - Awaiting a conversion to mixlib-shellout still
CHEF-4298 - dependencies in metadata.rb require a space
Reopened - Are we breaking pessimistic version constraints here?
COOK-3059 - Add ability to append an optional string to the ‘bundle install’ deployment command
Reopened - drop unrelated changes, syntax issues, readme update.
COOK-3004 - Add path by default
Reopened - This seems a bit dangerous and would update ever existing cronjob on the system.
COOK-3080 - Rate limiting support
COOK-3095 - Varnish Cookbook Needs Tests
Reopened - Let’s retry fewer times or sleep less. We don’t want to wait a long time for a failure. Consistent attribute use.
COOK-3089 - Be able to use an array of files with cherry_pick
Reopened - Don’t rename the attribute, why the ruby_block wrapper?
COOK-3070 - Add “limit” ufw action and default firewall policies
Reopened - incoming/outgoing should be moved to a seperate ticket & pull request

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