7/12 Bug Triage


Hi! We’re back with another edition of Opscode Triage Tuesday.

Once again, we got three Opscode employees together and reviewed
un-triaged tickets marked resolved/fixed, which means there should be
a fix provided. If everything looks good, we add it to an internal
merge list to be looked at more in depth later. The best part of this
process is that the team is usually a mix of experiences, including
participants from both our engineering and services teams. We’ll keep
doing this most weeks, so if you have any feedback we love it.

---- Opscode Chef ----

To merge:

CHEF-2222 - mount resource issue with its “options” attribute
CHEF-2310 - knife ssh documentation missing -i option
CHEF-2313 - cookbook_uploader exception when exception is raised in
uploader_function_for method
CHEF-2394 - Add data bag support for chef-solo


CHEF-2236 - run_context not propagated to GemPackage during deploy provider run
Needs to be backported to 0.9-stable
CHEF-2257 - ubuntu apt bootstrap template can and should be generic
and non version specific
Breaks debian support through template
CHEF-2282 - Read chef-solo config file and JSON file location from environment
Reopened - Use case?
CHEF-2299 - support for fuse filesystems
Duplicate of CHEF-1887
CHEF-2369 - pacman provider can not handle additional repositories
Reopened - Provide a test to match this use case
CHEF-2372 - chef gemspec should include dependent windows platform gems
Reopened - Investigate uploading a windows specific version of the
gem with the same name
CHEF-2400 - Init script for redhat/centos will not start daemon
Moved to the COOK project to templatize the init scripts

---- Opscode Cookbooks ----

To merge:

COOK-459 - nginx::source optional support for passenger module (with
one pass compile)
COOK-463 - ohai cookbook default recipe should only reload plugins if
there were updates
COOK-481 - pxe_dust cookbook needs to support multiple boot images
COOK-550 - FreeBSD support in bluepill cookbook
COOK-551 - FreeBSD support in the emacs cookbook
COOK-606 - application cookbook deployment recipes should use
ipaddress instead of fqdn
COOK-612 - create a windows primitives cookbook
COOK-614 - mysql has tunable config settings that are not exposed as attributes
COOK-617 - bind-address for mysql in my.cnf should not be a public IP
if a private IP is available.
COOK-618 - haproxy::app_lb’s template should use the member cloud
private IP by default
COOK-620 - chef_handler: updated handlers do not reload if chef is
running in daemonized mode
COOK-623 - LWRP conversion of users cookbook
COOK-632 - Bluepill service provider specifies incorrect command line
parameter order
COOK-633 - mysql attributes/server.rb cloud variable not set in non
cloud environments. Causes FATAL: ArgumentError: Attribute cloud is
not defined!


COOK-570 - ohai: Use a Ruby block to avoid running ohai two times
duplicate, fixed as part of COOK-463
COOK-619 - application::* recipes should use the database master’s
cloud private IP by default
duplicate, fixed as part of

Pending Further Discussion:

COOK-625 - Allow other cookbooks to define application recipes
this may not be needed if we accelerate (ie LWRP-izing the app
cookbook) COOK-634
COOK-628 - Applications with recipes that have already been used silently fail.
this may not be needed if we accelerate (ie LWRP-izing the app
cookbook) COOK-634

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