7/12 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3283 - Support running homebrew cookbook as root user, with sudo, or a non-privileged user
COOK-2918 - mercurial::pip fails on CentOS 6.3 minimal (unable to execute gcc: No such file or directory)
COOK-3164 - partial_search should use Chef::Config[:chef_server_url] instead of search_url
COOK-3124 - Add optional memcached_template attribute to memcached LWRP so alternative template can be provided
COOK-3128 - Add smtp_generic_maps option to main.cf
COOK-3115 - Add ability to install ‘runit’ package from Yum instead of building it
COOK-2790 - Add support for defining max object size in memcached
COOK-1674 - Add Windows support to the NTP cookbook
COOK-3138 - Do not write RabbitMQ password to Chef logs
COOK-2991 - SLES support for LVM cookbook

COOK-3249 - Fail2ban default jail.conf incorrect for CentOs
Reopened - Use the recipe for logic instead of the template.
COOK-3308 - Adding logic to RAID creation and volume attachments to ensure mdadm properly allocates the device number.
Reopened - Unnecessary string interpolation, ensure create_mdadm_conf is idempotent
COOK-2997 - make yum::internal recipe /attribute
Reopened - Sean O’Meara said so.
COOK-3090 - Nginx-fail2ban integration
Reopened - Respond to Jeremy’s question
COOK-2757 - Option to use service reload for postgresql.conf changes if service restart isn’t necessary
Reopened - rebase in terms of COOK-3173

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