7/15 Opscode Code Review


Planned chef-client releases:
11.6.0 is targeted for release on 7/22
10.28.0 in August
11.8.0 in October
10.30.0 in November

CHEF-4363 - Unable to add event handlers from config file
CHEF-3609 - when bootstrapping, should generate no_proxy in /etc/chef/client.rb if no_proxy is configured in knife.rb
CHEF-4375 - chef-service-manager --version shows "version unknown"
COOK-3308 - Adding logic to RAID creation and volume attachments to ensure mdadm properly allocates the device number.
COOK-3125 - No normal attributes
COOK-2312 - nginx: Add additional mine_types to the gzip_types value
COOK-3153 - add refuse_options parameter to rsync_serve
COOK-3175 - Add svlogd config file support

CHEF-3785 - execute resource cannot be used to source a file
Closed - Doc bug
CHEF-2215 - Knife barfs ungracefully if you don’t have a config file
Closed - Fixed a while ago
CHEF-1645 - Chef does not work if host FQDN is not configured correctly
Closed - Not a bug
CHEF-1239 - More descriptive error when node_name is unspecified
Updated - Still an issue in 11.4.4
CHEF-4006 - Knife does not default the node_name attribute to the FQDN
Closed - Doc bug
CHEF-4355 - service provider list ‘short name’ is the same for every service provider in docs
Closed - Doc bug
CHEF-4371 - FreeBSD Package Provider fails when package name contains +'s.
Reopened - Why not use Regexp.escape?
COOK-3056 - Custom sudoers config prefix
Reopened - Use a case on platform_family
COOK-3122 - Add support to Windows platform
Reopened - Put the windows support in a separate recipe.
COOK-3075 - fix SUSE support
Reopened - The cookbook is debianized for simplicity.
COOK-3116 - Postfix cookbook with a smartos.
Reopened - Rebase and explain the hashhash
COOK-3119 - Add test-kitchen support for testing several php versions when building from source
Wont fix - Too much testing?
COOK-2755 - Add allocate action to the elastic ip resource
Reopened - Is this a good idea?
COOK-2752 - Add RDS provisioning support
Wont Fix - Share this as a separate cookbook yourself please
COOK-2890 - Resolve foodcritic warnings in Nagios cookcook
Reopened - Ignore FC23 because we don’t want those resources in our resource collection

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