7/16 Opscode Code Review


We’re caught up again on code review after we got behind around
Velocity. I’ve been working on fixing some broken unit tests for Chef
that came out of the why_run branch. After that I’ll be doing a merge
pass and we’ll be looking at a 10.14 release candidate.

To merge:
OHAI-384 - filesystem.rb buf for solaris based operating systems

CHEF-2517 - $HOME not set correctly
Closed - Duplicate CHEF-2288, don’t set env vars in mixlib-shellout
CHEF-2362 - “Processing” info message is incorrect about the line
number if a resource in a definition fail
Reopened - Cloned into COOK-1461 for apache2 fix.
OHAI-390 - run_command fail if the current path doesn’t exists
Reopened - chdir inside the fork

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