7/17 Opscode Code Review

CHEF-4378 - Add Travis CI
CHEF-4342 - TravisCI build exceeds 10000 lines
COOK-3093 - omnios support in build-essential
COOK-3190 - specify logs to send to remote server
COOK-3184 - Add mod_filter recipe to Apache2-cookbook
COOK-3193 - Git Cookbook- Source recipe doesn’t work on Debian/Ubuntu
COOK-3195 - Fix error for creating endorsed dir with recursive create

COOK-3343 - Can’t parse release candidate version number
Reopened - That’s not what Chef::Version is for
CHEF-4234 - Add force_include_attribute method
Wontfix - More forcing is never the final forcing.
COOK-2712 - Update upload-progress-module to v0.9.0
Reopened - Fix formatting issues and the checksum
COOK-3106 - Build PowerDNS from source
Reopened - Upgrades? Redhat? depends?
COOK-2355 - rsyslog recipe should support forwarding events to more than one server
Reopened - Simplify the ternary operator check for an array by just making it an array.
COOK-3189 - LVM cookbook should have option to vendor the lvm gem
Wontfix - Install the gem first
COOK-3188 - Allow setting of conf_dir attribute when using the default package install
Reopened - Why the change to the template?
COOK-1870 - Re-adaptation of the recipe to the new cloudera’s repository and verison of CDH4
Reopened - Want to maintain this cookbook?
COOK-3192 - Add support for deploying from a remote archive
Wontfix - This doesn’t appear to be the right cookbook for this (application_ruby)
COOK-3194 - Deploy java application with no/internal context
Reopened - Use TrueClass + FalseClass
COOK-3185 - nginx cookbook: various gzip_* attributes fixes and additions
Reopened - Keep the original default values, leave the whitespace as it
COOK-3186 - nginx cookbook: add client_body_buffer_size, server_tokens attributes
Reopened - Wrap the new attributes in a conditional
COOK-3206 - Enable use of mainline nginx.org repo
Wontfix - Use the existing attirbute for specifying the repository
COOK-3211 - Support redhat family
Reopened - The attribute to specify package version seems like a bad pattern.

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