7/18 Opscode Code Review


Successfully executed our first official non-mulligan thursday knife plugin code review!

KNIFE-215 - knife azure server create --os-disk-name defaults to non-unique name based on time
KNIFE-274 - Eucalyptus for knife-ec2
KNIFE-321 - “knife-ec2” does not inform the user of the default us-east region
KNIFE-253 - knife-ec2 should be able to delete instance based on chef node name
KNIFE-160 - Add support for EC2 Placement Groups when creating new instances
KNIFE-330 - Add tests to knife-linode

KNIFE-272 - Add flag to knife-ec2 to bake AMI after successful Chef run
Wontfix - Create a community plugin
KNIFE-154 - Support new IAM Role feature in Knife EC2 Server Create
Reopened - Still needs test work.
KNIFE-240 - knife ec2 server delete should also try to use the ‘Name’ tag
Duplicate - KNIFE-253
KNIFE-294 - Use credential file to specify access/secret keys
Reopened - Try to simplify the ruby
KNIFE-328 - Remove Gemfile.lock
Reopened - Stay on target

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