7/19 Opscode Code Review


We’re getting really close to a 11.6.0 release. We’re looking into a memory leak issue right now and expect to release shortly after we decide on a resolution there.

P.S. Ya’ll getting enough of these code review emails every week yet? :slight_smile:

COOK-3222 - Allow setting length for secure_password
COOK-3230 - Upgrade cpanm

COOK-3214 - Chef zero doesnt support the ‘AND NOT’ syntax and it is not needed
Reopened - AND NOT sure about AND NOT still.
COOK-1708 - Added recipes for jetty 7 and 8 (both eclipse and hightide)
Reopened - Lots of comments
COOK-3197 - Add Gentoo support for package installation method in ucspi-tcp cookbook
Reopened - improve the attribute switch
COOK-3223 - support omnios and smartos package install for git
Reopened - Seth Vargo prefers Node Attributes
COOK-2793 - Improved Windows support for Java Cookbook
Reopened - depend on the windows cookbook
COOK-2992 - Add resize support for logical and physical volumes
Assigned - Seth Vargo
COOK-3228 - Run apt-get update before installing from package on debian platforms
Wontfix - By policy, we don’t want to do this for all of the cookbooks that support debian.

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On 2013-07-19, at 15:16, Bryan McLellan btm@opscode.com wrote:

P.S. Ya’ll getting enough of these code review emails every week yet? :slight_smile: