7/19 Opscode Ticket Triage


— Opscode Chef

Todays triage meeting was an important milestone. We’ve merged
everything that we have previously triaged and we’re entering
feature-freeze for 0.10.4. Expect a beta release in a day or two and
the final release next week. There’s a lot of awesome in there.

These two bugs made our to-fix triage this morning and we’re aiming to
have them resolved before the beta release.

CHEF-2307 / CHEF-2325

Once we ship the beta we’re only merging regressions for 0.10.4,
everything else will have to wait for 0.10.6

— Opscode Cookbooks

To merge:

COOK-639 - RHEL6/CentOS6 - apache2 cookbook sets httpd.conf with wrong
PidFile location
COOK-640 - RHEL6/CentOS6 - passenger cookbook doesn’t include relevant
development headers
COOK-641 - CentOS - iptables cookbook is broken; can’t save template output
COOK-643 - Support for Apache module mod_dav_fs
COOK-644 - Mysql client cookbook ‘package missing’ error message is confusing
COOK-645 - RHEL6/CentOS6 - mysql cookbook contains 'skip-federated’
directive which is unsupported on MySQL 5.1
COOK-647 - windows_package installation fails with Win32::Registry::Error

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