7/2 Opscode Code Review


This was sitting in my drafts. I don’t recall why I didn’t send it.

To merge:
CHEF-630 - Deploy should create the directories it needs if they don’t exist
CHEF-2978 - Display node tags in "knife node show"
CHEF-2979 - Make “knife node tag delete” output consistent with
"knife node tag create"
CHEF-3201 - knife client create - already exists exit code

CHEF-2703 - knife bootstrap broken with --sudo
Closed - Not a bug
CHEF-2906 - Knife fails on chef-client with 'Cipher is not a module
Reopened - Can we detect this condition in chef?
CHEF-2923 - Cookbook Upload Fails due to Syntax Error in unrelated
cookbook’s metadata file
Reopened - Needs tests. Should we change the class for this?
CHEF-2944 - Chef client wedges in sleep state under certain
conditions (likely when chef server barfs on a response).
Reopened - Patch would limit all request times in general, not just
catch a timeout
CHEF-3098 - Execute Resource doesn’t creat the file when :creates is provided
Closed - Wontfix, :creates works as designed.
CHEF-3178 - cron provider does not support month names and weekday names
Reopened - Regression test needed.
CHEF-3104 - Adds fork support for chef runs
Reviewed - Further discussion on Github

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