7/21 Developer Office Hours


Ohai PR #347 - Digital Ocean ohai/cloud support
Reviewed - Plan sounds good, add #private_address? as a helper module.

Chef PR #1447 - CHEF-5316: Constantly update owner/group in the resource of link
Reviewed - We should probably not allow owner/group on the link resource

Chef PR #1503 - Remove deprecated ::File.exists? Using
::File.exist? instead.
Reviewed - This should be limited to fixing File.exists? and leave the
link work to #1447

Chef PR #1537 - chefignore not found in upload --all when multiple
cookbook paths
Reviewed - Waiting for someone to scratch their own itch on this one

Chef Issue #1632 - chef daemon mode not recognizing new json_attributes file
Reviewed - SIGHUP then SIGUSR1 should do what you want

Chef PR #1034 - [CHEF-4586] Remove the unused StreamingCookbookUploader class
Reviewed - Master is Chef12 now, this should be rebased and merged

Chef PR #1148 - Address CHEF-4760: make knife info messages go to stderr
Reviewed - This should get rebased and merged now too

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