7/23 Opscode Code Review


Happy Monday Chefs.

We spent today’s code review hour on Cookbook contributions, notes follow.

The Ruby 1.9.2 and 1.8.7 unit tests are passing for Chef again after
some recent merging. If you’re not familiar with the tests please take
a minute to try out the rake tasks (e.g. ‘rake spec’ in the chef/chef/

To merge:
COOK-1388 - Bad source install conditional in daemontools, and
platform conditional improvement
COOK-1394 - Ossec source URL fails on 404
COOK-1396 - Removed users get recreated
COOK-1397 - Make mysql port an attribute
COOK-1401 - Allow to specify the collation of new databases
COOK-1383 - Allow to add OHAI plugins from other cookbooks without
having to fork the upstream OHAI cookbook
COOK-1410 - Remove deprecated package resource from nagios cookbook
COOK-1412 - Nagios installs from source do not install a mail client
so notifications fail
COOK-1413 - Nagios server from source should install Nagios 3.4.1 not 3.2.3
COOK-1414 - yum repository lwrp should have the option of not making the cache
COOK-1419 - chef-client cookbook: add init script template for SUSE
COOK-1426 - Declare a default action on aws resources

COOK-1392 - support ubuntu 12.04
Reopened - Type bug in template resource, two patches in one ticket
COOK-1398 - Provider manage.rb ignores username attribute
Reopened - Add failback to id
COOK-1379 - Register chef-client as a launchd service on Mac OS X (Server)
Reopened - Why use /Library for paths?
COOK-1434 - add cargo remote deploy support to jetty
Reopened - Refactor password behavior and clean up some attributes.

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On 23 July 2012 21:33, Bryan McLellan btm@opscode.com wrote:

COOK-1379 - Register chef-client as a launchd service on Mac OS X
Reopened - Why use /Library for paths?

I added a ticket comment to this one a while back, but forgot to set it to
fixed. I suppose it didn’t pop up in your review filters due to that.

As I mentioned in the ticket, although a Mac has Unix underpinnings, the
user visible part is usually not in these folders. As such, I try to be
more Mac-like than Unix-like regarding the chosen folders.