7/24 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-3714 - Implement a method in Chef::Util::FileEdit that returns if a file was edited
CHEF-3985 - LWRP usage causes memory leak in Chef 10.x
COOK-3386 - Template cache dir for apt_cacher
COOK-3207 - Add Gentoo platform support via package installation for daemontools cookbook

CHEF-4403 - Environment edit screen: Stop json being escaped as html [Fix Provided]
Reopened - Could we find a safer way to do this?
CHEF-4364 - Using the ifconfig resource, I am not able to set the MTU attribute
Reopened - unified diff, test, debian?
CHEF-4379 - Adding runtime in stdout for Chef 11
Reopened - Let’s keep the method signatures stable
OHAI-492 - IP address detection fails if there is an interface with no addresses
Reopened - Needs a regression test
COOK-3201 - Move to using mysqladmin_bin for setting root password, rather than preseed (debian-specific)
Reopened - Verify other preseed consequences
COOK-3202 - Clean up mysql cookbook and separate out sub-recipes
Reviewed - PR without 3201? Needs more review.
COOK-3121 - logrotate_app path is split unnecessarily, which breaks lastaction
Reopened - Add to README
COOK-2070 - python should support mac os x
Reopened - What about macports?
COOK-2251 - Addition of atomicorp.com repository
Wontfix - Please contribute to the yumrepo cookbook
COOK-3135 - Allow setting of members with default recipe without changing the template
Reopened - Use the node method, and using strings as keys
COOK-2844 - php.ini configuration overwrite
Reopened - Need to better understand the issue
COOK-2138 - Python: Add fedora platform_family support
Reopened - Please clean up the branch

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