7/26 Opscode Ticket Triage


— Opscode Chef

We’re uploading the 0.10.4 release candidate today, stay tuned for
news about that.

— Opscode Cookbooks

To merge:
COOK-406 - wordpress/templates/default/wp-config.php.erb has wrong CRLF encoding
COOK-491 - Chef-Client cookbook should use templates for service default values
COOK-525 - chef-client::service when using bluepill does not fork,
leading to bluepill not monitoring it correctly
COOK-554 - Typo in backup_path
COOK-609 - chef-client cookbook fails if init_type is set to upstart
and chef is installed from deb
COOK-635 - Allow configuration of path to chef-client binary in init script
COOK-654 - chef_handler resource fails with "uninitialized constant
COOK-655 - iptables_rule should be able to use template files from
other cookbooks.
COOK-656 - windows cookbook should begin/rescue on win32/registry
COOK-662 - decouple imagemagick development packages from rmagick cookbook


COOK-204 - chef::client pid template doesn’t match package expectations
Won’t fix. cookbook has been deprecated, fixed in newer chef-client cookbook
COOK-536 - warning on 0.10.0 bootstrap
Won’t fix. The ‘chef’ cookbook is deprecated and replaced by the
chef-server and chef-client cookbooks.

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