7/28 Developer Office Hours


All code review today.

Chef #1694 - git provider fails on existing branch names
Ready for Merge

Chef #1701 - Fixifg a bunch of cops
We need an RFC for style first.

Chef #1698 - Fix creation of non-empty FreeBSD groups
Avoid adding a true/false argument to set_member_options

Chef #1681 - Apply template syntax check to files in the templates dir
only. This avo…
Ready for Merge

Chef #1680 - Some minor fixes for the Paludis package provider
Ready for Merge

Chef #1678 - [CHEF-1523] Add sighup support to chef client
Needs manual testing to determine if this is a bug

Chef #1676 - shared_path can be used to get the path to the
shared_path in deploy resource
Ready for Merge

Chef #1662 - Remove appending :actions and :valid_actions
We just deprecated this, we should wait for Chef 13 even though it’s a
long while away

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