7/29 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-4371 - FreeBSD Package Provider fails when package name contains +'s.
CHEF-4411 - Fix --copyright and --email typos in knife cookbook create docs
CHEF-4343 - Only test certain branches on Travis
COOK-3404 - Nagios: htpassword file references nagios user before it is created (chef 11 fails)
COOK-3068 - nagios::pagerduty does not use the nagios_conf definition
COOK-3405 - NRPE source install on Ubuntu fails due to init script
COOK-3378 - Actually use the keystore in the port 8443 connector
COOK-3375 - resolver cookbook supports solaris2
COOK-3364 - Upgrades source installations to tmux 1.8
COOK-3313 - Add attributes for Gunicorn’s log settings

CHEF-2944 - Chef client wedges in sleep state under certain conditions (likely when chef server barfs on a response).
Reopened - Set #open_timeout on the Net::HTTP object
CHEF-3324 - chef-solr gets “in `reopen’: closed stream (IOError)” on start
Reopened - Cargo cult the relevant code from chef into chef-solr
COOK-3296 - Fix all foodcritic errors in Tomcat cookbook
Reopened - Be less opinionated
COOK-3379 - Only regenerate keystore and restart tomcat when source files change
Reopened - Fix up the notifications
COOK-3370 - Don’t install the tomcat manager apps package if we’re not going to use it
Reopened - Put these packages in another recipe
COOK-3196 - Generated config doesn’t add environment variables for https_proxy and no_proxy
Reopened - Use client.d directory, remove developer personal preferences
COOK-3311 - Remove legacy TK + add Travis CI
Reopened - Update gem dependencies
COOK-3155 - Be able to auto upgrade chef-client like in chef-server
Wontfix - Scope creep, use omnibus_updater

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