7/3 Opscode Code Review


CHEF-3159 - Do not silently exit when the daemon isn’t executable in init scripts on Debian
CHEF-4335 - Knife ssh adds annoying extra newlines to output
COOK-3264 - File ownership for ebs_raid resource mount_point

CHEF-3957 - directory resource whyrun error when dir does not exist.
Duplicate - CHEF-3949
CHEF-2353 - deprecate the chef-repo rake tasks
Reopened - Need to document that we’re good here.
OHAI-487 - Bad cloud IP data on Linode systems
Reopened - Be more standard with attribute naming
CHEF-4338 - add rake task for cookbook syntax check
Reopened - Why?
COOK-3246 - Allow for the customization of a users shell environment
Reopened - Awesome, more thoughts.
COOK-3262 -Nagios cookbook does not allow you to filter out nodes
Reopened - Can we do this in more places?
COOK-3021 - NRPE LWRP updates files every run
Reopened - Breaks older Chef 10

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