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Chef #1703 - Check local repository for ips package installs
Add a specific test, factor out the other shell_out call to a
get_current_version method

Chef #1651 - CHEF-4538 - add an option for gateway_identity_file
Use the same argument as knife-ec2

Chef #1719 - Added whitespace boundaries to some of the mount point
references in mount resource
Ready for Merge

CHEF-4870: cron does not accept special “minute” time "@reboot"
Duplicate of CHEF-2816, Chef PR #1708

Chef #1708 - Fix “cron” resource handling of special strings (e.g.
@reboot, @yearly)
Needs a couple unit tests

Chef #1642 - CHEF-5372: Support specific run_levels for RedHat service
What happens to other run levels? Does this match how chkconfig works?

Chef #1658 - Bad handling of ShellOut:live_stream
Ready for Merge

Chef #1638 - Chef::VersionConstraint#to_s should accurately reflect
the constraint’s behavior
Ready for Merge

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