7/30 Opscode Code Review


I hope everyone’s weekend was enjoyable.

Joshua is still out on vacation so we reviewed OSS tickets instead of
Cookbooks tickets today. We’re caught up, so we spent some time
wandering through pull requests in search of any possible orphans and
closed some of the pull requests with no response from the contributor
for over six months. I think we’re in pretty good shape there.

To merge:
CHEF-3309 - Error in knife bootstrap templates when no ohai hints
CHEF-3322 - Cookbooks should include a CHANGELOG.md
CHEF-3321 - Initial version of cookbooks should be 0.1.0
OHAI-390 - run_command fail if the current path doesn’t exists
CHEF-2807 - OSX User resource provider does not properly update gid
CHEF-2900 - chef-client documentation claims support for ‘–verbose’

CHEF-3317 - knife cookbook upload option to skip checking dependencies
Duplicate - CHEF-3092 provided batch uploads.
CHEF-3250 - Use rsync as the default copy method for deploy provider
Reviewed - Use a flag to default excluding the git directory to off.

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