7/5 Opscode Code Review


COOK-3025 - Allow proxy in yum_repository resource declarations
COOK-3282 - Nagios cookbook ignores host_name_attribute when used in conjunction with a search-defined hostgroup.
COOK-3047 - Sort php directive when writing php.ini so that we’re not regenerating template each chef run.

COOK-3283 - Support running homebrew cookbook as root user, with sudo, or a non-privileged user
Reviewed - Describe the new attribute, add a default value
COOK-2809 - Python should support windows
Reopened - Rebase, why not more windows support?
COOK-2748 - Handle /etc.init.d/fail2ban status for older versions
Reopened - Does this affect redhat? It looks like 12.04 is fine
COOK-3025 - Allow proxy in yum_repository resource declarations
Reopened - Bad merge
COOK-3038 - Split :create action into multiple actions
Reopened - Needs a rebase
COOK-2936 - foodcritic warnings for php cookbook
Closed - this was already fixed
COOK-3029 - Add Oracle RPM support.
Reopened - The debian bits are unnecessary.

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